The common causes of the hair loss

The hair loss is one of the most frequent problems that have been suffered by many people. Although it is disturbing someone’s appearance, most of the cases of the hair loss aren’t inflicting any danger directly, to the person who is suffering from it. Still, it’s still a bad idea, to let the hair loss problem untreated, due to it may lead to the permanent baldness. Fortunately, the owner of a hair rejuvenator program is willing to share some info with you about the common causes of the hair loss. Here are the causes that you should know:

1. The hormone disturbance

There are several hormones that can cause the hair loss, such as the androgenetic alopecia, dihydrotestosterone hormone, and the area alopecia hormone. Those hormones have the 70% chance to happen to a man, and 40% to a woman. However, the effects of those hormones aren’t permanent and the hair will grow again within a year.

2. The lack of nutrition and vitamin

Vitamins and nutrition are important to maintain a human health, and the health of our hair is included. The scalp is the part of our body where our hair is growing, and the roots of the hair are sticking. That’s why if you want to maintain the health of your hair, you need to maintain the health of your body and scalp by consuming the proper nutrition. The lack of vitamin and nutrition consumption will make you get the hair loss problem.

3. The wrong use of chemicals

There are many chemicals that have been used in many hair treatment products. That’s why you need to be careful when you’re choosing one of those products, so you can avoid any products which are containing the harmful chemicals in it.

4, The hair styling tools

Don’t use the hair dryer too often, if you want to avoid your hair loss.

5. Medications side effects

Some medications will cause your hair loss. Ask a doctor about the side effect of a medication, before you’re consuming it.

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