The Importance of Considering the Characteristics of the Horse

After you have gotten down all the big numbers on the turf predictions or the pronostics quinté, you also need to look at other information in the Daily Racing Form. There is some report on there about each horse that can deliver them the edge to win. Consider:

If a horse was recently claimed or bought, someone should be willing to shovel out a chunk of change for a horse, they probably have potential.

If there are current items turns, the owner is zeroing in on how to increase the chances of their horses. You also need to take a look at her workout speeds. If the horse is running at the same speed every day, the horse is probably in top form.

After that, you must consider the breed and gender. Usually, male horses are faster than female ones. Only three females have ever won the race such as for example the Kentucky Derby and better-bred horses will outperform others as well.

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