Tips Banish mites from mattress in Fast

These small creatures like ticks are not visible to the naked eye. Although invisible, the impact is very visible when we ‘accosted’ by it. Or D. pteronyssinus mites are creatures that often become the cause of itching after sleeping in a bed, and even asthma happens to a person. Microscopic Its size is only 0.1 to 0.3 millimeters and lives in damp places in the corners of the house. If you want to avoid the presence of ‘a little’, most people are strongly advised to always keep the house clean of dust or damp conditions. Remember, clean and not hygienic. If you wish to process more hygienic then cleaning should be with chemical drugs. The most effective way to clean the mites is with a vacuum cleaner, not only by drying in the sun. For some people, the way is no longer efficient, because sunlight can not kill the mites. Moreover, it is important to change and wash the bed linens in hot water once a week, that’s one of how to get rid of bed bug bites fast.

Here are some specific tips chase away mites from home;

1. Change of bed linen mattresses

The bed linen or cover your mattress should be replaced at least once a week. However, not only is replaced, you must also consider how to clean it. Use warm water to wash the bed linen to eliminate mites,

2. Use a vacuum cleaner

Lazy to carry the mattress and dried every morning? Leave this way because according to some people, it is no longer efficient. “The sun’s rays are not able to kill the mites, the minimum temperature needed to kill the mites is 60 degrees Celsius,” Vacuum cleaner according to some people has become experts on immunology and allergy to eliminate dust mites and allergens.

3. Use a large suction power

Good vacuum cleaner to remove dust mites and allergens are those that have great suction power, the power strong suction vacuum cleaner the better and cleaner results.

4. Diligent cleaning vacuum cleaner

It’s useless to rely on a vacuum cleaner to suck dust in the mattress or sofa, if the dust that has been deposited instead accumulate inside the appliance. Vacuum cleaner dust container is divided into two types, pockets, and without pockets (bagless). Both have principles that are not much different. Clean the dust in the container must also be considered, which is close to the trash and away from the bed or sofa so that dust and mites do not come back again.

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