Brake Tips That Longboard Rider Must Know

Do you know what it longboarding? Want to try it? Buy beginner longboard for you to use, find the reference by visiting our website. Longboard is one of the much extreme sport popular among young people, but need training and special techniques to play a longboard. For the longboard rider, one of the challenges in playing this sport is in braking. To reduce the speed, the rider must use a unique style that should be studied in depth. This will be very useful when faced with derivative followed by sharp turns thereafter.

Here are some braking tips that you can try:

– Carving
Carving is a basic technique longboarding with sideways movement continuously. Actually, carving more used to add comfort in playing longboard, but this style is also able to control the speed. The wider the carving, the more effective the control speed.

– Air Brake
To perform air brake, stand up straight and stretch your hands and body as possible. Hand and body function like a screen that will reduce slightly the speed of the longboard.

– Slide Brake
Slide brake or power slide is used when doing downhill or freeride, namely to reduce the speed in a short time before going into the bend.

– Sit Brake
Rider bend as occupying longboard and movement sledge. Walking is opened as wide as possible so that the board completely stopped.

– Run Out
Quite a jump from the board and balanced with running very fast to keep from falling.

– Foot Brake
How to do this is by using rubbed into the soles of shoes to the asphalt surface up to speed longboard downhill.

Those are some tips to stop your pace while doing longboarding, all the tips that we provide also must pass through the exercises in order to run smoothly. Everything you can do if you are determined to profit can do longboarding. Hopefully, the tips we provide can be useful for you. Good luck!

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