The Best Movie Genre For Your First Date With Your Crush

Your first date must be done perfectly, in order to build a great relationship with yourself. Although there are many activities that you can do with her during your first date, there is nothing more exciting to do than watching a movie in the cinema. However, you can choose a genre randomly, due to you don’t want to choose a bad movie that will leave a negative impression in her memory. That’s  why it’s recommended for you to choose the superhero movies. Check the Vertice Cinema if you want to know more about the best movies in 2017 movies so far.

Here are the reasons of why your first date with her should choose to watch a superhero movie:

1. It’s fun and action packed

The superhero movies are favored by many men and women, adults and children alike. It’s easier for the superhero movies to reach many people’s heart, due to there are so many actions, and the story is usually simple so many people will understand. The action in the superhero movie are cool and will make anyone be excited to see what comes next in the movie.

2. The plot often surprises many audiences

The plot of superhero movies are often to be unexpected, and there is so many plot twist that will blow the audience’s mind. Watching a superhero genre movie with the great story will give you and your crush a good talking materials for days. There are so many cool stories that will be remembered by your crush, which will affect her to remember you as the one who’ve asked her to watch the movie at that time.

3. It’s a good choice to avoid the bad movies

When a drama movie is bad, it can be boring. When a horror is bad, the ghost can look weird and make many people to be bored as well. However, when the superhero movie is actually having a bad story, its action can save the audiences from the boredom. Choosing a superhero movie will save your date, even if the story may lame.

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